Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kylie from Flybird Photography snapped this great shot. Isn't it a great shot and a creative way to get her name out there. She mailed a post card to muah with this... Thank you Miss K!

Check her out here

and here.


Memo Board

This first picture is a before... it's the picture I had to scrounge up from my collection of photos. I forgot to take a Before picture, but you get the gist right?

Cody's mom bought me this for Christmas a couple years ago. I love it, but wanted to switch it up a bit, give our kitchen more color. So I bought myself a can of $4 paint and crafted away!

Now, if I were you. I would figure out how you can paint cheap wood. I want to call it fake wood, but I don't know if that's right. I painted probably 8 layers onto this frame, okay maybe 5, but it felt like alot. Every brush stroke, it would come off a bit, so you had to brush it and leave it to dry.

Below is after 3 layers...

2 more layers left, and ta-da! It's darling right! I'm so excited!! For the middle part, I put cute green gingham paper behind the glass, then bought a chalk pen to write on top of it.

Whenever Cody & I find something older to buy, the classic Avrey line is, "Let's buy it and paint it!"

He thinks I'm a joke, but isn't way more ME now and more funky fuN!?