Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to do.

Here is a long and collected list of things I WILL do during the summer break. Stay tuned for man creations to come. I apologize in advance of not giving credit to those that deserve these darling ideas. That's probably the Taboo of blogging... ugh, SORRY! If I figure it out whose these are or if you know, let me know. I will update... For now, enjoy and be inspired.

Earring Holder

Isn't this a darling idea. I want to do something crazy funky downstairs in our basement... maybe paint the beadboard green... We'll see...

Ruffle Tablecloth, how cute it would be for summer!

Find this at DesignSponge. I want to do this to my side sidewalk.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Doesn't the sewn on E add a little flare to her hoodie..

I have made up my own Family Rules.... I just now need to do it. Check out Tatortots & Jello

I'm dying to find cute letters A&C to put above our bed.

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