Monday, April 2, 2012

Button Monogram

My inspiration, thanks to PINTEREST via here

I was excited about this because my 3 favorite craft loves are buttons, yarn, and felt, AND this has to do with buttons. :)

So STEP 1, get lots of colorful buttons. I think I got mine from Porters. They have a big bulk bin.

Buy a canvas, then trace the letter of your choice onto the canvas. I cut out a letter from word to help me trace. 

I would lay out the buttons your letter first then start gluing. I used a glue gun to glue my buttons on. (I did this with my cousin that is 9. I let her use craft glue and it worked just as well... it might even be better because when you are doing it, it's less permanent and it dries just as permanent as the glue gun. Make sense? 
 Then voila.... here is the finished product below! I LOVE it!

This picture isn't the prettiest, but this make-shift collage will soon someday go above H's crib.

Go get your buttons and start creating!!! 

PS... Instead of using a canvas, you could use a wooden letter from Joann or a paper mache letter from Joann also.

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