Sunday, November 21, 2010



A sweet girl, Andrea taught me how to make these. I don't know if they are technically called Rosies, but they are for me.

  1. Material cut or ripped into strips, about a meter or long x 1 3/8 inch wide
  2. Jewels
  3. Tacky glue

1. Get your piece of material.
2. Tie a knot at the end. Cut off the extra material off the end of the knot.
3. Fold your fabric in half right side out as you wrap your fabric around the knot.
4. Wrap about 1/2 way around, then twist up. Wrap 1/2 way around and twist down. Wrap 1/2 way around and twist up and so on.

Make sure when your wrapping and twisting, you hold the rosie on the top and bottom. You can kind of see above.

Your rosie will hold better if you use tacky glue randomly to hold the fabric down as you wrap it around.
Use a coordinating felt color on the bottom, as well as a bobby pin. Use a glue gun to attach. I used big bobbies. If you want you can put a jewel in the middle of your rosie, as well.

I know this tutorial is not as good as it could be, but I wanted to post how darling, easy, and fun these are. If this makes any sense at all, go for it. If not google how to make flowers out of material....

Either way, happy creating!

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  1. these are sooo cute! i wish i could have made them with you all :-)