Sunday, November 7, 2010


I thought this was worthy for the first post....

The RUBY & OLIVE creation

People come into our lives for a reason

Look at this Canadian walkin' in late and dressed to the nines.

Who is this Righteous Rhonda tryin' to keep up with the times.

2nd semester, the tables were turned.

Found out she wasn't as bad, I finally learned.

Brown rocket dogs were our uniting point.

Teddy Grahams on the bus to Targee became our happening joint.

2 semesters later, roommates we would be,

a friendship of unconditional love

was starting to flow free

A group of Rockland boys came into the mix

THat group of boys changed our lives

at a place we once called RICKS.

Cody dropped off a present, a statue of 2 horses.

Which officially brought Ruby and Olive into full forces

My favorite color is olive green, so I’ll paint my horse asi

And I adore bright red, so ruby she will be

Hey Ruby is the name of MY great grandma that has passed away

And MY grandma’s name is OLIVE, this is crazy EH?

Together: And that’s when it started, the Olive & Ruby obsession

Pizza, eyebrows, endless exploring and loving girls in Chi-town

Then we became a trio with a girl who never ever makes us frown

With Plum we created and swam at dawn.

We made a great team once upon.

We had a huge back room at the cottage that became our haven

The green chair, pics, recipes – TOO many things we have been savin’

Loud Sarah you were named.

New York it is, I proclaimed

The boy who brought us together ended up stealing my heart

I’ll forever be grateful, you as a bride made me a part

As Elphaba says: “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?”

Because I knew You…

Together: I have been changed for good.

More creations to come.


  1. Love this! Love both of you too! :D

  2. oh my this is soo cute! avery you are so adorable i just cant' get over it :-)